CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE caps can be purchased buy making a donation to of $25 or more. A dollar from every hat sold will go to Make A Wish Foundation for kids.

This hat is one of our new custom cap collection, we will offer more as time permits, club members get a 10% discount, if you are a member, please deduct the amount when ordering.
$18.50 plus shipping.

We are now offering you a chance to build your own hat or get one of ours. On the left we will have logos or phrases which can be put on the hat of your choice, or your own phase or race team, whatever. When ordering put the phrase and hat style with your order, please allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery.


Grey cap with black brim flames.

Black cap with blue brim flames.
Trucks don't just haul hay, they haul ASS!
Silly Girls, Blowers are for Boys!
Fuel injection is nice, but I'd rather be blown!
If it's too loud, your too old!

Grey cap with orange side flames.

Blue cap with white side flames.
Silly girls, trucks are for boys!
Silly boys, trucks are for girls!
You've just been Trucked!

White cap with black brim flames.
It ain't high enough!
Diesel Rocks!
4 HIGH 4
Once you go DIESEL you never go BACK!
Thank you David Clayton for your donation to!

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